Red, juicy, lusty… well actually not all of them are red as you can see… there’s the Green Zebra and the Lemon Box, and the Chocolate Cherokee. An old pink variety, meaty with few seeds, is called the Mortgage Lifter. Folklore says M.C. Byles who created this variety used it to literally pay off his mortgage during the great depression and save his house from foreclosure.


Not a vegetable, but a fruit. Forget the fig as a metaphor for passion… it’s the tomato. Chemically they’re truly aphrodisiacs. I think tomatoes are the sirens of the garden. Cooking a tomato sauce is the epitome of slow food. See what a friend does with a few heirlooms and a great pastry crust. Brandi in San Fransicco has a great foodie blog.

There’s a tomato called Kellogg’s Breakfast; you’ll have to guess why. These bright orange tomatoes from West Virginia are exactly the color of orange juice.

Thanks Kittitas Valley Greenhouse for letting me photograph all your great heirloom specimens at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market last weekend. Just so you know an heirloom tomato is an heirloom plant, an open-pollinated (non-hybrid) cultivar of tomato.

Please tell me what you would do with these if you were going to feed someone.