You call it pro bono, a phrase derived from Latin meaning “for the public good”… on top of that, without charging for it. But around here we call it “doing good”. It’s an apex of humanity. It comes in all forms… from simple random acts of kindness to giving your own blood. For a designer it often means offering visual communication skills to amplify a message that you believe in. Sometimes you identify with the cause, and sometimes it pushes beyond your usual comfort zone… helping in situations outside your comprehension. Here’s one we did for Safe School’s Coalition here in Washington State.


One of the primary roles of Safe Schools is to reduce bias-based bullying and violence in schools and to help parents and administrators better meet the needs of sexual minority youth and children of sexual minority guardians. Did you know that GLBT students hear anti-gay slurs about 26 times a day, or every 14 minutes (National Mental Health Association). If you make a comment to this writing, add a “doing good” thing you’ve done of your own. If it’s an organization… give them a plug right here and include their website so we can see what they’re doing… and we can thank them.

Non-profit is not our sole focus, but it has been a strong component in the profile of our design studio for many years. Our studio structure allows us to have strong, direct communication with our clients, and with the non-profit sector this means we can be very efficient, and effectively target their goals. We find this makes for strong programs and minimizes overhead. The profit business sector is now reflecting some of these same strategies to respond to the current economy… we’re ready for them.