Streets are the fibers of our complex woven cities. Along the fibers cling an assortment of messages, free-radicals of a sort, and visual stimuli. Eccentric and exotic signage is in every town. No far-away journeys necessary to find great things. This one deserves attention, a wine shop (European Vine Selections) spotted in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. They have great wines, all for good value… Doug is a great help.
I’m not sure if this fits comfortably into the image of what most Americans think of as “gourmet”. Does it matter any longer? I think we may have tunnel vision in the ways we communicate in the material world. Standard light-box signage is fine, but this is distinctive, fun… like a good bottle of wine ought to be. Salute.

I’m drinking sauvignon blanc right now… from New Zealand. I’m told I like the ones that are really not the perfected style… I like them a little pissy. Resulting from lots of minerals in the soil. California made them that way until they got it fixed… at least they think it’s better.