I’m stuck on my breakfast order. I’m originally from the East coast, Brooklyn before Seattle, so eating breakfast out on the weekend is somewhat of a tradition for me. Especially on Sunday… it’s an ideal way to deny the inevitability of Monday. We used to call it brunch… lazy… tasty… indulgent. In Seattle it’s “breakfast” a bit more practical, and a little less conversation (less cud chewing).

I’m hunting for bunch and I’m getting closer. I found a diner version of it in Issaquah at the 12th Avenue Café. It used to be on its namesake avenue, but since the town went through a period of “mall-ification” it found a new home among them… I don’t know the name of the street now.

In true diner fashion the menu is extensive and each dish is ample. Served on thick white dishware. But I’ve gotten stuck on my order, not wandering into the precession of specialty French toasts and pancakes, or the variations on the theme of eggs. But they all look so good.

I’m stuck on a dish that until recently I used to look down my nose at. A mound of cubed potatoes covered in “things”. The big difference with this carbo giant is that the potatoes are WA grown which means they have flavor. I get the version called “Vegitana” which means there are all sorts of fresh vegetables are mingling with the tators (tomato, broccoli, onion, spinach, peppers). All of this is covered in cedar cheese and oven melted, a dollop of sour cream, and lastly topped with fresh chopped scallions. Toast on the side. I usually order raisin. Order a small order… the large order will wedge you into your banquette and you may never see the light of day again.  Coffee flows freely, it’s good, and you never have to ask for refills.

BACON_awardThe waitresses are charming. In diner etiquette they may call you Hon and sometimes and they won’t take guff… so say thank you.

Don’t take my word for it… look they were voted best breakfast by the listeners of the local radio station. They got the golden bacon award! That’s a deluxe trophy. What do you think about trophy design? What is your favorite breakfast food, and where?