In our continuing “colors of your choice”.

I think she’s the poster child for green. She’s the queen of green. My favorite color is green. I hear Hedda Lettuce has a great act. She just debarked from Seattle on a luxury cruise to be the lead entertainer. Of course she had a lot of steamer trucks in tow.


Of course we have the mermaid that holds up the corporate brand of Starbucks… she’s green (here’s a link to a good article).

And the traveling musical “Wicked” is in town at the Paramount Theatre. Elphaba, “What, what’re you all staring at? Is there something in my teeth? Alright fine, lets get this over with. No I’m not seasick. Yes I’ve always been green. No I did not eat grass as a child!!!”

Without peeking can anyone tell me which planet the green women of Star Trek fame come from?


Everyone is invited to express their own thoughts on the growing color palette (post your comments), or please consider submitting a color of your own choice (email writing and/or art to: stephen -AT- pidseattle.com).