Being designers we appreciate a good package, almost as much as what awaits us inside. It’s the drama maybe. Christmas wrapping paper has been in our designer lives since day one… so we have a fascination for these unfurling designs on commercial-grade paper.

We’ve assembled a small sampling from our Christmas wrap archive to share our enthusiasm this season. Funny thing… the wrapping paper has been saved, but who knows what the gift was in these colorful wrappings. Let’s open the flat-file and see what we’ve got…

left Our dear friends Sue and Marian were inspired by the rest of the “make your own” clan one winter, 20 years ago. With no craft tools in the house, they used postal brown paper, cut stencils and sprayed the Santa design with hardware store red enamel. Imagining them doing this bold design is a fond holiday memory in itself.
right Vintage 1960’s Santa wrap.

left Vintage 1970’s, my mother bought it in a drugstore.
right A design by Partners in Design in collaboration with Spicers Papers and Printery Communication. It’s a one-color design with clear highlight foil stamp, printed on 100% recycled stock.

left Our neighbor Betsy does these designs each year, usually on newsprint with rubber stamps. Nice woodblock ink… it’s thick. Betsy has the best innate design talent we know. She always gets the most out of every design element… like nature.
right Santa seems to be paying visits to the West Coast, making stops at every sunny trailer home. Placing presents under palm trees. The reindeer seem to like the environs.

This blog story is dedicated to John Locasio,
a colleague whom we always turn to for gift-wrap inspiration.