Sharon just finished writing her second book… now on the search for a agent… the majority of the prose was composed in a Seattle baker  poetically called “Fresh Flowers” in the hilltop neighborhood of Phinney Ridge. It’s a stone’s throw from home, so she can be there when their doors open at 6am… to put in her writer’s stint before heading to work. Most writers have their special place.

The walls of this haven are soothing colors, and the service counter is wrapped in a grid of tea-green color ceramic tiles. The pastries are all meticulously baked. I think there’s an art form in each of them.

Croissants, plain and chocolate, are staples. Lined up next to them are treats like Strawberry rhubarb tarts with pinwheel designs, scones sweet and savory, Pithivier circles filled with Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, leek and mozzarella. And on the weekends the much sought after Basque Cake is featured as well, made with almond meal, custard cream and rum, its top etched with rustic dinner fork patterns. (Here’s a recipe, but not quite like theirs). You may want to tottle up to Phinney Ridge to look for yourself. They now have a Ballard shop as well.

Sharon’s starting a new project and undoubtedly will have a few chocolate croissants and double short lattes along the way. Maybe her characters have been occupying the chairs around her for the past couple of years. I have a question for you… where do you find your places of inspiration and how often do you get there?