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We are designers and communicators by trade… working with people as diverse as people who dig for dinosaur bones, to tech geeks running the world from Seattle. Our clients have missions and we craft words and images to express the best of each client. And our designers have opinions too… for example we’re scared of guns on the loose. We design for companies, communities, people and causes. Good graphic design prompts you to think for yourself… not feed you answers.


We believe the best graphic design prompts you to think for yourself… not feed you answers. A design may challenge you to learn or interpret meaning. The message may inspire you to take action. We were asked to create a series of posters in response to the Newtown tragedy and gun violence. Since so many argue that the Second Amendment is for our protection… we wondered why innocent victims were targets.

Guns are weapons, but against who? We dedicate these posters to Grace who wanted to be an artist (maybe a designer). Follow “Demand a Plan” for useful strategies.




In today’s divisive political climate, here’s a New Year’s resolution from Partners in Design. Let’s each of us use our talents for the greater good. Do something, say something about what you believe in. Design something.

Join us this Sunday, January 13 in Seattle for a rally against gun violence in Washington state sponsored by Stand Up Washington.

Change starts at home.



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